Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kat Un-Confuse-ifies Things: Beautiful Creatures -- Good or Evil Lena

This is a feature where I take things that confuse people and try to interpret/explain them.

On the interpret side, it'll be mostly my theory (but based on facts, and only a little bit my gut feeling) and then on the explain side, I will use my ability to remember teensy details to help decipher confusing plots and characters.

Just a note, there are spoilers in this post. So if you don't want to know an ending or plot twist, TREAD CAREFULLY.


Go here for my review of Beautiful Creatures the book.

A lot of people did not seem to understand if Lena was good or bad at the end of Beautiful Creatures. Personally, I completely understand this. Both the book and the movie were slightly ambiguous about this fact at the end.

HOWEVER, they both had an explanation for why she was NEITHER!

Here's the down-low on how these casters get chosen for good or evil. It occurs on their sixteenth birthday and the moon chooses their fate for them.

Well, this never happens for Lena. She is so freaking powerful that she covers the moon and it cannot choose her path. This means that her path is still to be chosen (whether for good or for evil). Since no other Duchanne's caster has had this choice in over a hundred years it's pretty new territory for Lena and she'll obviously have to figure out what this means for her in the rest of the series.

So, there you have it, Lena is neither completely good nor completely bad (huh, sounds kind of like normal humans/teens, what a strange allegory!)

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