Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Musings: NaNoWriMo Victory is Mine!


Birds are singing! Bells are ringing! NaNoWriMo victory is MINE!

You guys, I cannot tell you what it feels like when you have accomplished something that seemed so ridiculously difficult. It's like when people run a marathon, except no running and no physical exertion, just a lot of mental instability coupled with the thought that I am the worst writer who has ever been born on this planet and how-can-I-ever-finish-this-book-NaNoWriMo-was-invented-just-to-make-me-feel-bad-about-myself!

Aaaanyway, I did it. I finished writing 50,000 words. Full disclaimer. They're not all for the same book. Another disclaimer, they're all crap. HOWEVER, I still finished. And it feels awesome. You guys, I would recommend doing this for any writer (and yes, we are all writers. If you've written something that you love then you are a writer). Even if the book you work on is not something you want to publish. It's great, the community is great, the inspiration is great, the feeling at the end of the rainbow is great. I would tell people to make their own personal NaNo and just make a goal for yourself. And track yourself. And post about it on your blog if you have one. I promise that if you link it in the comments of this post, you will have at least one reader following along with you (that's me if that message wasn't clear).

That is all. You can now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

(Also, Happy December! Time for Holiday decorations!)


  1. YAYAYA. CONGRATULATIONS! Nano is the best. I'm already looking forward to next year, hahaha. Or the Camp Nano in the summer, I guess?? I love the online community of Nano--so much happiness & encouragement--it's like...a writing-related party for an entire month. But now that it's over...time for more writing!!!!

  2. Wow. Congratulations!!! That's a great achievement. (Those gifs had me laughing.) LOL writing 50,000 words across different books sounds like something I would've done. At least you actually got the writing DONE, which is my biggest problem right now e_e happy holidays to you too.

    One last thing, I nominated you for the Sisterhood Of The World blogger award, so have fun with that!