Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kat un-confuse-ifies Things: Kick-off post! (after credits scene of Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End)

I decided to start a new feature where I'll take things that confuse people in YA, MG, or movies and interpret/explain it.

On the interpret side, it'll be mostly my theory (but based on facts, and only a little bit my gut feeling) and then on the explain side, I will use my ability to remember teensy details to help decipher confusing plots and characters. Hopefully I can get some guest posters too.

There WILL be spoilers in these posts. So if you don't want to know an ending or plot twist, TREAD CAREFULLY.


So in Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End there was some confusion about that scene after the credits.

You know, the scene where that 9-year-old boy and Kiera Knightly wait for Orlando Bloom to come back from collecting souls on the Flying Dutchman. So many people believed that this is just a one-day visit for poor Orlando Bloom. But I believe they are wrong.

If you listen to the lore of Davey Jones it goes like this: He was tasked with going onto the Flying Dutchman to courier dead souls to the afterlife for ten years. As long as Calypso was faithful and waited for him, he would finish his duty after ten years and another would take on the task. HOWEVER, Calypso was a little bit wayward in her affections and she skedaddled. SO, Davey Jones was cursed to courier the souls FOREVER, only allowed to set foot on dry land one day out of every ten years.

SO, since Kiera Knightley was faithful to Orlando Bloom and waited for him, he is now free of his duty and he can come home. So people who were sooo boo-hoo sad that this was not a happy ending can rest assured. It IS a happy ending, Orlando is home to stay and he can see his son for the first time (BTW, congrats on making a baby on your first try you two, way to be super fertile).

UPDATE: This is super wrong apparently! I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (don't judge me!) and apparently he was SUPER cursed! Which would have really sucked except 5 kind of helps give closure.


  1. Lol you're last comment left me gasping in laughter! Seriously, I really like your interpretation. Such a better way to end things...

    1. Haha, thanks Liz. I'm here to serve/entertain.