Thursday, April 30, 2015

Feature Follow Friday: Book Hangover Cures

Every Friday Parajunkee and Alison Can Read hosts Feature Follow Friday. It's a great way to get to know the blogging community and they ask fun questions!

This week's question is:

How do you cure a book hangover/blogging slump/reading slump? - Suggested by Take Me Away....

I see these as three different questions, so I will answer all of them separately:

 Book Hangover - I define this as being emotionally drained after reading a really great book or series. I feel like I can't even think or process anything because I've just gone through so many emotions (This also happens to me when I watch a really good show).

I have a detox book that I try to read to get me down from the emotional high. Ironically, it is also a very emotional book, The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Perhaps it is because I've read the book so many times, or maybe because I feel like the book is very "real" feeling (even with the fantastical time travelling elements). Either way, it helps me detox from my book hangovers and I can go on living a normal life.

Blogging Slump - Not having any ideas of what to blog about, no time, or just no motivation to blog.

I rely heavily on Memes when this happens. And you can probably tell that I'm in a major blogging slump this month. I just try to power through and make sure I'm posting something at least once or twice a week because maybe I'll be inspired to write more posts eventually. I also try to pre-write a lot of reviews and posts when I am in an upswing, and use those as filler when I am in a blogging slump.

Reading Slump - I am always motivated to read, but I would define this as not knowing what to read next (often created by a TBR list that's just too big, or maybe being too emotionally drained aka in a Book Hangover).

I just start to read a bunch of books at the same time and whatever sticks, I just keep reading it. I have gotten into a lot of random series this way and it's actually really fun. So, for me reading slumps are often a great time :)


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  2. OOoh nice pieces of advice! And I love those ecard things! I see them a lot! The bookish ones really speak to me! ;)

    I don't get into too many slumps myself. I love reading and blogging and such, so that's what I do!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  3. I think I rarely experience book hangovers of the sort you describe. The only thing comparable in my reading life is when I've spent too long in just one series and then I find myself so deep in it that I'm dreaming about it, daydreaming about it, thinking about it constantly. But that is easily solved by just reading about a different world.

    The only book hangover (as I see it) I've ever had was recently, when I read a book so good I felt like books were broken and there was no point reading anything else ever ever ever again because it would never be as good. But I came up with a good solution in the end:

    As for blogging slumps, I have never really called it that, as when it happens I just don't blog. Though with Book Punks (which isn't the only blog I run) I tend to plan things so far ahead that no one would ever notice.

    1. Yes! I have experienced that daydreaming/dreaming about books thing too. I get very invested in the characters I'm reading about, so I get very emotionally involved in the outcome of their lives. But I like that because then I feel like I'm reading a story that will stay with me for a while. That's why I love reading and writing, because of how entrenched readers can become in the story.

      I wish I could plan way ahead for my blog posts. I commend you on your awesomeness and maybe I'll be able to do that one day. As of right now, I have a lot of empty blog drafts with just a title/idea, but no actual content.

      Thanks for stopping by my FF!

  4. This is great. I think we all have great ideas for how to get out of blogging slumps. I'm a new GFC follower. I look forward to seeing your posts! Happy weekend. Jazmen@ThisGirlReadsAlot

  5. Love the ecards. Made me smile. Love the answers too. Word. :D Happy Friday! My FF

  6. My cure is one strong coffee and keep reading. ;)
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  7. I love ecards, there's one for everything :) Those are some good tips for all of the slumps in the questions. I usually go for a time out if I find myself in any of those slumps, which usually works for me. The reading/blogging slumps especially. A book hangover, I defined as a book I'm not getting into for some reason, but I realised by the way you defined it (which makes more sense) I would need the time to let the book digest, and for me at least, that might be not reading another book and just mulling it over and then letting it go, if that makes sense? Here's mine: