Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Musings: Ways to procrastinate from NaNoWriMo and still feel productive (kind of)

Hey guys, are y'all writers, are y'all taking part in NaNoWriMo? Well, if you are then you may or may not have already given in to your need to procrastinate. Something I definitely have not done at all, for sure 100% not.

However, if I were procrastinating instead of writing, I'd do it in a writer fashion. And that's looking up things about books, writing, and publishing.

So if you want some cool things to look at while you're procrastinating from NaNoWriMo while still feeling like you've been productive then here are some procrastination suggestions for your procrastinating pleasure (whew, run on sentence. Which happens to me more and more as NaNo goes on):

1. Things about Writing:

I like to hone my craft as I'm writing, so I just look at these blogs all day every day:

Brenda Drake's Making Connections

Dorothy Dreye's We Do Write

Chuck Wendig's Terribleminds Blog

Krista Van Dolzer's Mother.Write.Repeat

2: Things about Querying and Publishing:

I've been watching and listening to podcasts/vlogs. 
The two that I've liked lately are: 

Shipping & Handling with Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary Inc. & Jennifer Udden of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.


PubTalkTv with Summer Heacock (@Fizzygrrl), Kelsey Macke (@KelsNotChels), Monica Odom (modomodom), Jessica Sinsheimer (@jsinsheim), Roseanne Wells (@RivetingRosie)


For YA Writers (because this is a YA/MG blog) I like Adventures in YA Publishing.


Minorities in Publishing is a blog and podcast about Minorities in Publishing (@minoritiesinpub) with Jen (@jbakernyc) Bev (@lolbev)

3. Thing about Books and Reading:

Come on, you knew I'd link We Need Diverse Books. It's necessary to mention.

And Book Smugglers is a good review site if you're struggling to choose a book to read next and so is Book Riot

Books are Bread

And a shout-out to my former home blog Books Are Bread

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