Sunday, November 2, 2014

Book Discount site

Guys, big news. Look at this awesome book discount site I found! And by "found" I mean my sister showed it to me.

It's called Book Bub, and it accumulates all the book discounts that publishers often put out for a limited time in order to hook new readers. 

OMG, Never Fade is on crazy discount right now!

The reason the publishers do this is to get new readers hooked onto an author (often in anticipation of their upcoming release of a new book).

This means that a lot of the discounts are for books that have already been out for a bit. However, if you're like me, you have a gigantic TBR list that involves books that you know will be awesome but you just haven't gotten around to them yet. If so, then this site is definitely for you! You can grab those books at a nice discount and save them for later reading!

I love this idea because I love piling up on books to read. And because I often read multiple books at a time I like have a selection in my personal library to choose from. However, it also means I spend a lot of money on books, so a site like this is perfect for me.

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