Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters You Wish Would get their OWN Book

The Broke and the Bookish host a weekly meme of Top Ten Lists.

This week's question is:

Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their OWN Book (minor or just maybe a semi main character you wish a book was from their POV)

Reason: He's so bumbling and awkward, but he's a great guy and he really takes care of Harry, Ron and Hermione. He's super loyal and he's pretty brave even though he's not as powerful as some of the other adult wizards in the series. Also, remember when everyone clapped for him at the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? So sweet!

Reason: The little sister of Daemon and Dawson, she's been through a lot, but she's still so sweet to Katy and is her first friend. Also, she's pretty powerful, but she doesn't let it get to her head too much. Also, I really want Dee to find love and be happy.

Reason: Is Seth good? Is Seth evil? Maybe we'll never find out. J/K we better find out or I will be super upset. (I'm pretty sure we find out). Anyway, I want to know why he seems like such a jerk and a sad puppy all at the same time (disclaimer: I kind of love those kinds of boy characters).

Reason: Since he is the noble father-figure for Karu, I liked him a lot. Since he was secretive and stoic, I was always very intrigued by him. He had to go through a lot seeing his people killed and having to lead a secret rebellion against an evil government (trying not to give too much away, can you tell?). Anyway, I would love to read a prequel book about how Brimstone became the way he is. Kind of like how we learned about Dumbledore in the 7th HP book.

Carswell Thorne
Reason: He's such an interesting character. He's kind of full of hot air, but he's also got heart, and that always helps make any character more likable. Plus, I really like his pairing with Cress.

Inigo Montoya 
Reason: "My name is Inigo Montoya, this is my book, prepare to read." #nailedit

Reason: Because he was one of the first zombies (other than R) to feel human emotions (as is evident in his ability to have the stimulating conversation shown above). So I wonder what he was thinking/feeling and if it was just R that made him feel or something else?

Reason: Because he is the best! He's strong, brave, blunt, and has a good sense of humor. I would definitely read a whole book from his point of view.

Reason: He's kind of a "bad guy" in this series, but there is some redemption for him. I would like to know how he got to be the way he is seeing as Kanin was also his sire and Kanin has such a strict moral compass. Or I would like to know where he goes after the series ends.

Reason: Sam is Ruby's bff in Thurmond, but because of Ruby's powers something not so good happens to Sam's mind. So, I would like to see what happens in Thurmond after Ruby leaves and how Sam copes with everything on her own. Also (and I'm only halfway through with In the Afterlight) I think she might be important in Ruby's bigger story...


  1. WOW! Lots of great picks here! Warm Bodies! EE! Loved that book and movie! Hells yes to Jackal though and eager for Seth's book next year as well!

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  2. Oh. I've never read any of those book but they seem great!