Friday, January 2, 2015

Book A Day Infographic by Epic Reads

You guys, this infographic is epic. Which is appropriate because it was created by the great minds over at Epic Reads.

Do you want a book to read EVERY DAY of 2015? Then you should check this graphic out at the original site where it's in HD PDF format.

Close up of a section (the one that includes my b-day obvi)
Seriously, if anyone finishes this challenge then I will respect you forever. But even if you don't do a book a day, there are some great reads on this list that everyone should check out. Like seriously, I want to read all of these books. I'm actually getting mad that I'm still typing this blog post and not already reading one of these books.

*shakes fists*

*realizes I am still typing*

*shakes fists again*

*realizes I am wasting time shaking fists*



  1. Have you just been staring at that infographic all day? Not saying I am.... ::swirly-eyes::

    1. Stop trying to read the titles off of the spinning gif! Didn't you just go to the eye doctor?!